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Oral Health Program


Effective self-care is one of the key components of long term dental and periodontal health, fresh breath and for longevity of dental restorations.

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The bacteria in plaque are the cause of dental decay and periodontal disease. What makes it even more dangerous is that plaque is colorless and nearly invisible making self-assessment of its effective daily removal very difficult. That is where our ORAL HEALTH PROGRAM can help.

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Our program helps you learn to effectively remove plaque from all areas of your mouth by first making this invisible plaque visible with a special disclosing solution. If you can see it, you can tell if you have effectively removed 100% from all surfaces of your teeth.

There are many different types of plaque removal aids: brushes, both manual and powered; all kinds of floss; toothpicks; rubber tips; tongue cleaners, etc. We work together to learn what works best in your mouth since everyone is different – it takes a one-on-one individualized approach. We will supply you with all the necessary implements to accomplish this in just a few minutes a day.

We use a number of natural, holistic, biologically healthy products: herbal toothpaste; Cari-free-a xylitol based anti-cavity rinse; Herbal lollipops-a licorice root extract that stops decay; MI paste-a calcium/phopspate paste that strengthens the teeth. We will customize a program for you!

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