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Amalgam (Silver/Mercury) Removal Protocol

Dr. Tarantola Removes Amalgam (Silver/Mercury) Fillings

  1. Nutrient/herb supplement ahead of time as needed. Consult with physician if necessary.
  2. Oxygen delivered through nasal mask during silver/mercury removal
  3. Cover eyes with surgical mask
  4. Supplemental room ventilation
  5. Iso-dry isolation/suction system to protect cheek, tongue and throat during entire procedure, from amalgam removal to restoration placement
  6. Maintains a clean, dry field essential for restoration success
  7. IAOMT’s “Clean-up” device for actual amalgam removal
  8. Isolates and surrounds that tooth
  9. Copious water and high speed suction
  10. Rinse with chlorella immediately after amalgam removal

Gregory J. Tarantola, D.D.S

Gregory J. Tarantola, D.D.S.

Just as important as safe silver/mercury removal is the proper placement of the biocompatible restoration which restores, preserves and protects the tooth. The above protocol allows us to do that.

Download and Print The AMALGAM Removal Protocol

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